28 September 2012

Always be a Poet

Charles Baudelaire said, "Always be a poet, even in prose." Although I had not heard this advice until recently, I have followed this all my life. My earliest creative works were songs and poems, and I have always found poetry comes easier to me than does prose. I do love creating a plot and characters and telling their story, but there's something visceral about poetry that touches me deeply.

I also love reading good poetry; one of my favourites is John Donne. I once read one of his poems and didn't notice it was several pages long until after I finished. I usually prefer shorter poetry though, as I find that it is usually stronger. In my own poetry, I tend to write as few words as possible.

I have not written a lot of poetry lately and this saddens me. I have been focusing on short stories and flash fiction--which I do love--but I am going to return to my first love: I am joining October Poetry Writing Month (OctPoWriMo). I will try to write an poem a day for the entire month of October, and I will post them here on my blog.

If anyone is interested in the Blog Challenge, click here to sign up. I'm looking forward to it.

1 comment:

  1. So glad to hear you are joining us! Thank you so much for spreading the word. I look forward to reading your poetry!