11 September 2012

The Food of Love - 2012 Writer's Week

writers' week writing contest
Emily Seuss' Writer's Week
The following is my entry in Seuss' Pieces 2012 Writer's Week. The prompt I chose was "Reading music is like..."

Reading music is like seeing sound. The symbols on the page form themselves into a melody with harmonies and counterpoints, and I can almost hear the piece before I touch the keys.

Hearing music is like feeling fusion. The individual notes combine to create a complicated dance that fills my soul with joy, and I am lifted up.

Playing music is like controlling chaos. I create it, yet I am carried away by it, and I am free.

Play on.


  1. Thanks for your entry! We've got you all linked up on the contest page now. :)

  2. Beautiful imagery of sound!

  3. I love the line "Playing music is like controlling chaos". Perfect!