14 September 2012

KoMF Sept 2012

It's time for Knights of Microfiction, a bloghop hosted by Imagine Today and Write, Skate, Dream.

This time we are giving you 5 TELLING sentences to choose from.  The object is to pick a sentence and create a scene in 500 words or less that SHOWS what the sentence is about.

For bonus points, don't include the sentence you chose (or any alteration of it) in your scene. Your readers should be able to guess which one you described!

Here are the sentences to choose from:
  1. It was the most interesting birthday ever. (This is in honor of Jess' 16th birthday on Saturday! Happy Birthday Jess! :))
  2. He/she's so obnoxious.  
  3. It was dark.
  4. The meal was delicious.
  5. He/she was in a bad mood.

Here's my piece:

Christopher laughed out loud, spinning around with his arms outstretched as if to embrace the world. “I’m alive!”

Unable to resist, Lance allowed himself a smile. “In a manner of speaking, yes.”

Christopher grabbed Lance, sweeping him off his feet and into a bearhug. “I can’t believe how strong I am!”

Lance stepped back and straightened his coat. Flicking imaginary dust from his sleeve, he replied, “Are you implying that I’m heavy? You should be more respectful to your sire.”

“Oh, right. Of course.” He grinned. “I’m sorry...Dad.”

Lance grimaced. “I’d rather you didn’t. I feel old enough as it is.”

"You'll never be old. And now, neither will I."

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