01 October 2019

OctPoWriMo 1 - Change My Mind

Today's prompt is "Dark Night of the Soul." There is no suggested form, so I chose one of my favourites, the English sonnet.

Image by Free-Photos from Pixabay

Change My Mind

I look for myself in Mom, in Dad, in friends;
I look for myself in art, in love, in God;
But all I find is bits of odds and ends.
Is there a me? Or am I just a fraud?

And yet, each piece I find is part of me
And, piece by piece, I fit myself together
Just like a jigsaw puzzle, and I see
Some pieces join to be, not whole, but closer.

The dark night of my soul is when I find
A portion of the picture is something
That I don’t want to be. And yet my mind
Is mine. So this is me, despite the sting.

If I accept and integrate that part,
And change my mind, then I can change my heart.


  1. Once again you come out swinging and finish early.

  2. Wonderful sonnet and concept.
    Jade Li at http://tao-talk.com

  3. A perfect poem about finding oneself and self-acceptance. I like how you utilized the prompt.