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2014 Reading Challenge
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17 July 2013
At work, we were asked to share random things about ourselves. Of course, I had to go a little crazy, and I wrote an acrostic.

About Me

A – Art: I write poetry, short stories, and music.
B – Brave: My sister thinks I look like Princess Merida from the Disney movie “Brave.”
C – Cat: I used to have a cat named Oliver.
D – Dog: I used to have a dog named Lucky.
E – Elves: I love the world of Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit.
F – Food: I am willing to try just about anything once.
G – God: My relationship with Him is very important to me.
H – Hearts: I used to collect heart-shaped earrings and pendants.
I – Imagination: I’m always making up stories in my head.
J – Jerks: I can’t stand rude drivers.
K – Kids: I am the oldest of eight.
L – Language: I love to study words.
M – Mushy: My husband and I are very affectionate, even in public.
N – Nails: I love to do my nails. I have a box full of polishes, stickers, and stuff.
O – OctPoWriMo: Last year, in October, I participated in October Poetry Writing Month. I wrote a poem each day.
P – Poetry: I love the form of rhyme and rhythm. I’m a poetry geek.
Q – Queen: I was named after a queen.
R – Reading: My dad used to say the house could burn down and I wouldn't notice if I was reading a book.
S – Science fiction: I read and watch a lot of this. I’m such a geek.
T – Thunder: I love thunderstorms.
U – Ukulele: My husband plays the ukulele. I play piano and guitar.
V – Vampires: I own the entire series of Buffy on DVD. Also the entire series of Angel.
W – Weird: I am not normal. Normal is boring.
X – Xmas: Christmas is my favourite holiday.
Y – YouTube: I recorded myself reciting one of my poems and posted it online.
Z – Zombies: In the event of a zombie apocalypse, I’d probably play dead (or actually be dead). I can’t run or fight.