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16 July 2012
It's time for Knights of MicroFiction, hosted by Jess and Kathy. The prompt is "In 200 words or less write a flash fiction using the phrase:  The sky darkened..."

The sky darkened while I watched, listening to the rolling rumbles shake the heavens. I felt the sound in my bones, in my soul. A cool breeze washed over me, tempting me to close my eyes, to lose myself in the sensations. I resisted the urge, watching the sky, waiting.
There! A spear of light cut through the clouds to my right, thrusting down toward the earth. As I blinked away the afterimage, another one stabbed downward on my left. And another directly in front.
My heart rose within me, beating like a bird’s wings. And I did feel as if I could fly.


Ashna Banga said...

Ooh.. beautiful-turned-scary! Like the way you use the words to reflect your feelings! :)

Jess said...

Wow, I loved it!! Very beautiful language, I could really picture it all!! Great job! Thanks for participating :)

kmckendry said...

Great imagery. I wouldn't want to fly through lightening. Scary.
Thanks for participating.

Mark said...

You are a beautiful writer, and you write beautifully too.

Esther Spurrill-Jones said...

Aw, thanks, sweetie. :)