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04 January 2013
I know that not everyone believes the same things I do. I try not to get into arguments over politics and religion because I don't see the point. You're not going to convince me, and I'm not going to convince you. So let's talk about something else, mkay?

However, I'm going to talk about religion a little bit. A lot of people believe in something. I do. I believe that the universe was created by God. I believe that I was created by God. I don't believe that I evolved from apes or monkeys or anything. A lot of people believe as I do, that everything was created by a deity of some kind. That's our prerogative. However, many do not believe this. That's their prerogative. Let's not argue about it.

When I was in university, a science professor told my class, "Science can't prove anything. It merely disproves theories until there is only one remaining, and that is the accepted explanation until another theory comes along. Then the process starts over." Since science cannot disprove God, this gets a little sticky. Shall we dismiss the spiritual, and claim that it is disproven, because it cannot be measured through the scientific method? What about those people who claim personal experience of the supernatural? Are they all loonies?

I've seen people on the internetz claim that, yes, we are all loonies. Every single person who believes in any kind of religious or spiritual anything is insane. That's a lot of nutters walking around. Should we be afraid? They could be capable of anything.

Or maybe we're all just stupid. We believe in the supernatural because we'd believe anything. We probably believe that Dr Who is real too. (Hey, don't bring the Doctor into this! Sorry.) Well, if we'd believe anything, why do we insist on sticking to one thing? Why don't we change our minds every time someone challenges us? "Oh, yeah. You make sense. You've convinced me. I have now changed my entire world view." I know I don't do that. Some of my beliefs have slowly changed over time, but none of those changes have been very large, and it takes a long time.

We are not crazy. We are not imagining things. We are not stupid. "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, Than are dreamt of in your philosophy." (Hamlet Act 1, Scene 5)