24 January 2013

Doctor. Doctor Who?

I've been a trifle obsessed with a certain doctor lately. My sister introduced me to the series, and my husband and I have been watching it on Netflix. It's taken us a couple of weeks--starting with the Ninth Doctor--to make it all the way to halfway through Eleven's first season.

I've also recently started playing with an online image editor called PicMonkey. I find that I love manipulating images. So, of course, I had to do this:
Ten wearing 3D glasses. Your argument is invalid.

The 3D glasses allow him to see the effects of the Void. Really. Besides, they look awesome.

I love how he really couldn't care less if he might look silly.

Seriously. Let's go already.

Fans of Dr Who (Whovians) will recognize the quote here immediately. The Tenth Doctor says this a lot. It means "Let's go," in French.

Interestingly, the last thing he says just before he regenerates into the Eleventh Doctor is "I don't want to go."


"Molto bene" is another of Ten's catchphrases. It's Italian for "very well," but he uses it more like "cool" or "awesome."

The TARDIS is like a universal translator, so he really doesn't need to speak in more than one language, but he does anyway. Just because.

Just answer him already!

It always makes me laugh when he says, "What? What?! What?!!" He's a Time Lord, and he can see the whole of time from beginning to end (or so he claims), but sometimes events still surprise him.

And he looks so bewildered and perplexed and discombobulated.

Cue fangirls squeeing...

One night, after we had watched several episodes of Dr Who, and we were getting ready for bed, my husband smiled at me and said, "If I had two hearts, they'd both be yours."

(Time Lords have two hearts).

I just had to make this. All credit for the quote to my husband Mark.

Everyone loves Rose. Everyone.

This is actually the very first Dr Who graphic I made.

This might be a spoiler.
After watching the end of season 2, I couldn't get Johnny Cash's song "Give My Love to Rose" out of my head. The quote on this photo is a line from the song, but I've attributed it to Jack Dawson from Titanic.

If you've never seen a Troll Quote before, it's a picture with a quote and speaker printed on it, but that person never said that, and that picture is someone else. However, they are similar enough to be misleading. Click the link for more details.


I made this image today. It makes me sad. The doctor is so lonely. He just wants a friend.

If you can't read the text, click on the picture.

See all of my images (plus a few that I didn't make) here: Just the Doctor.

So far, Ten is my favourite doctor. I think that's simply because David Tennant is such an amazing, incredible actor. I first saw him in Harry Potter as Barty Crouch Jr. When he appeared onscreen as the doctor at the end of season 1, I couldn't banish the image of Barty's creepy, flickering snake-tongue. For about ten seconds. Then, David convinced me that he was the doctor, and I forgot all about Barty Crouch Jr. Like I said, wonderful actor.

I've only just started getting to know Eleven, so my favourite may change. But I doubt it.

(By the way, feel free to share any of the pictures in this post. I'm not going to send the copyright police after you.)

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