03 April 2012

I Finally Saw It!

I finally saw the Hunger Games movie this past weekend, and I thought it was very well done. The only change they made that I didn't understand was the deletion of Madge. It doesn't really make sense the way the movie has Katniss receive her brooch. Other than that though, I thought they did an excellent job of staying true to the story while cutting it down to fit a movie. And it was still over 2 hours long!

My husband, who hasn't read the books, saw it with me, and he was able to follow the story. So they also did a good job of making it accessible to those who haven't read the books.
And I was excited to learn that the actor who plays Gale is Chris Hemsworth's brother--in case you don't know, Chris Hemsworth is Thor in the movie Thor and the upcoming The Avengers.

All in all, they did a great job with this movie. It's always difficult to keep the book fans happy while keeping the movie short enough that non-book fans can enjoy it too.

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  1. Gaaaah... I STILL need to see this!!!! Everyone is talking about it. The pics look amazing. :D