27 April 2012

The Hunt

She walked boldly through the nightdark city streets, unafraid, certain that nothing would dare to threaten her. Impatiently, she brushed her long black hair from her eyes, cursing the breeze that had blown it across her face. Blue eyes looked at the world out of a face that in the light would appear unnaturally pale and bloodless.
He followed, slipping from shadow to shadow, keeping her just in sight. It appeared that she was unaware of his presence, but he couldn’t be sure. Surprise would be to his advantage tonight, but he was confident of the outcome even without it.
Sliding his hand into the pocket of his dark grey hoodie, he gripped the leather-wrapped handle of his knife. He wished he could have brought his sword, as he was more comfortable with the longer blade, but it was much harder to conceal it, even at night.
She entered a forested park, still moving carelessly, certain of her own invulnerability. He smiled. The young ones always thought they were untouchable. They were always shocked when he showed them how wrong they were.
As the trees closed in, he quickened his steps, no longer caring if she heard him. She did, and she stopped and turned, smiling as she saw him coming.
He waited until he was close enough to touch her before drawing the knife and slipping the leather sheath from its blade. She caught the movement and looked down, a small frown creasing her brow at sight of the blade shimmering in the moonlight that filtered through the branches above. As she raised her eyes in question, still not considering that he might be a danger to her, he stepped forward and plunged the silver blade into her heart.
Her eyes widened and she grabbed at his hand—too late. As her blue eyes faded to grey she whispered, “Why?” But he gave no answer, yanking his knife free and stepping back as she fell to her knees, her strength leaving her. He pulled a rag from another pocket and wiped the blade, careful not to touch it.
She toppled sideways into the litter of leaves and twigs, her hands futilely trying to find something to hold onto, something to save her. Disbelief and betrayal shone from her eyes. He watched impassively and waited until she stilled and her body dissolved into dust, disappearing into the detritus, leaving no trace of her existence.
He sheathed his knife and returned it to his pocket. Tilting his wristwatch, he caught a beam of moonlight. It was still early. There was time for another hunt tonight.

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  1. Ooooo... I really enjoyed this. Love the dark mood you've created. This is my kind of thing. Nice work! :D