22 March 2012

Review of The Dragon and the Crow by T. B. McKenzie

I won The Dragon and the Crow by T. B. McKenzie in the first challenge of Rachel Harrie’s Writing Campaign. Sometimes, it was difficult to put down, while at other times, I found myself setting it aside and taking a moment just to process what had just happened. The story is fascinating and the twists and turns kept me interested all the way to last sentence—which was a shocker.
Usually, the main character of a fantasy story is some of kind of “chosen one” with “power the dark lord knows not.” In The Dragon and the Crow, Brin lives in a world where everyone has magic—everyone but him. This is an intriguing concept, turning our expectations on end.
The plot also turns our expectations on end—repeatedly. I couldn’t keep track of how many times, I said to myself, “Oh, wait. That’s the good guy and that’s the bad guy… no, it’s the other way around!” I love this kind of twisting, turning story where the characters aren’t just good or evil, but human and flawed.
There are some awkward phrasings and word choices throughout, and even some spelling and grammatical errors, but these are few and far between. Mostly, this novel is polished and professional-looking. I’m really looking forward to reading the sequel and finding out what happens to Brin.


  1. Sounds like a great book, and the twist of everyone having magic except him sounds like a lot of fun to explore.

  2. Hi Esther ~ I was just checking out your site and found this review. The story sounded interesting, so I looked the book up on GoodReads. It looks like it's been well-received be readers.