03 March 2012

Five First Paragraphs

I've entered the 2nd Round of the 50 First Lines contest over at the Accidental Novelist. Here are my five first paragraphs.

1. When Jim awoke on the morning of his 50th birthday, he had no idea it was to be his last day on earth. No one ever expects that it is their last day on earth; no one ever thinks that they will be abducted by aliens. Jim had always thought that abductees were just crazies. But then, it happened to him, and his life would never be the same.

2. Her job sucked her soul dry and killed her ambitions and dreams–but the pay was good. Following your dreams was all very well and good if you didn't have to eat or pay rent, but she was still mortal.

3. Opening his eyes, he at first thought it still full night, but he could feel the warmth of the sun upon his face–that witch had struck him blind! Forcing himself to a sitting position, he felt around for his sword, even though he was sure she would have taken that away too. But no; there it was right beside him. She was so sure of herself!

4. Tears flowed unheeded down his face as he stroked Arwen’s head, not caring who saw him grieving for his dying pet cat. His parents had given him Arwen as a kitten when he was only ten years old, and she had been his best friend—his only friend—ever since.

5. Nothing was tastier than brains, not that he could remember any other flavour. Not that he could remember anything before he'd changed. In fact, he found it difficult to remember what had happened five minutes ago. Sometimes, he thought there had been a time when he had breathed and had eaten something other than brains, but he didn't care enough to try to remember.

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  1. I love numbers one and five. Hi, I just stopped by from the campaign to read your paragraphs. Congratulations on winning the first round.